All About Animation and Design

Students have to exclusively deal with moving images when they study Animation Design. With graphic design as its foundation, the course focuses on design thinking and doing. During the course, students are taught special techniques such as kinematics, illustration, visual scripting, personality & caricature, story boarding, model animation design, pixilation and many more. Students learn to use various software training tools like Final Cut Pro, 3DS Max/Character Studio, Adobe Premiere, Toon Boom, etc. They also acquire essential skills such as story writing, directing, cinematography, editing, lighting, etc. Animation designers, popularly known as animators, are required to create the visual effects featured in video games, television shows and websites. They are involved in the complete process of animation film making, including pre-production and production and extending to post-production stages. Story boarding, stop-motion, 3D design and modelling form other important aspects of animation and design.

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