All entrances after Class 12: Just crack it!

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STARTING January every year about 7-8  million students after 10+2 seek out higher education opportunities. And the options available to them are mind-boggling. With about 1.34 million seats, engineering appears to be the most visible career option. And barring the top 300-odd colleges, admission to an engineering college is not a challenge anymore. Medicine still remains an exceptionally tough stream to get in with just over 30,000 seats. While there is no authoritative figure on arts and science colleges, the number is about another 1.5 million seats.

The struggle is lopsided because the numbers in the  top 1% of the institutions are way behind the top 1% of the aspirant class. In other words, good institutions are woefully inadequate. With degree/diploma/certificate offerings in 350-odd disciplines, the study choices before a young aspirant are indeed vast. And we are not even discussing international options available to a student.

To ease the lack of information on entrances, we have produced a compendium of entrance examination ordered alphabetically in different fields that any student could aspire to study. We have provided exhaustive list of engineering, medicine, law and design entrances. A special section on engineering entrances on offer by deemed universities is also provided. So identify the stream you want to study and  crack its entrance!

Good Luck!

Entrance tests after 10+2

Deemed universities

A list of 14 entrance tests of deemed universities which have complete independence with respect to admissions and selection criterion.



Medical profession needs long hours, over a decade spent in education, and eventually an erratic personal life. Here are 10 entrance tests you must know in the field.



Legal profession demands attention to detail, a sharp memory and effective drafting skills. Here's a list of 5 entrance tests including AILET, CLAT, LSAT, SET, etc.


Fine Arts & Design

This field is for those with a creative bent of mind, an artistic streak, and the passion to revolutionise the world of art and design.



With over 89 different fields from aeronautics to textiles, these entrance tests cater to the whole gamut of disciplines. The states and cities we talk about here include Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha (Orissa), Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Dehradun and Pilani. The All India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) also gets a mention here. 



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