Sydenham Institute of Management Studies and Entrepreneurship Education, Mumbai

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Location: Churchgate, Mumbai
: Dr. M A Khan
Approval/ Accreditation: AICTE approved
Flagship programme: MMS
Student intake: 60
Fees (full course): Rs. 69,000
Boarding & lodging (two years): Varies (1.5 lakh – 2.5 lakh)
Admission test cut-offs: CAT - 70.13; MAT - NA
Full-time faculty: 8 (Professors - 1; Asso.Professor-1, Asst Professors - 5)
Faculty with industry experience (over 10 years): 1
Average placement salary: Rs. 7.05 lakhs
Top recruiters: Axis Bank, Atlanta Elevators, EMKE Group, TCS, 3M
India Conferences: SIMERGENCE
Student activities: SIMERATIONS
Web site:

Location matters’ is a statement one often hears about the success of a management school and it especially rings true for SIMSREE. Spread over a just a floor, in the famed, Sydenham College of Commerce, the college survives on its location and also its pedigree.

SIMSREE, despite being a typical government-managed school struggling with unfilled faculty positions, being treated as one among 13,000-odd colleges under the state government,  with bad infrastructure and delayed sanctions for even works permitted, is quite focused on its students. “Last year one student opted for a course on IT, and we arranged a faculty to teach him,” says Professor Dr. M A Khan. This is a feat that even very well-endowed colleges do not encourage.

The alumni is SIMSREE’s biggest strength, and they are even registered as a not-for-profit corporation, thereby being a conduit to channel ideas, funds and assistance to the alma mater. The alumni network and an enviable visiting faculty team make the course delivery at SIMSREE of a very high quality. The reputation and placements do contribute to a very high quality student intake, and this leads to the creation of a virtuous cycle.
Summer internships are common across B-Schools but SIMSREE also has a winter one. Running for a month during December, in the first year, it gives students a brush with corporate life and eases the summer internship process substantially. But students feel that the quality of summer projects is much better.

For a school that features the word entrepreneurship in its title, the focus on this domain is almost minimal. “We have begun an entrepreneurship week recently and students are encouraged to take up businesses,” a faculty counters.

Alumni  take up substantial teaching load at SIMSREE. Along with a core faculty co-ordinator, who handles some  sessions, one or more alumnus offer to take required number of sessions in amny subjects. This results in students being updated on the more current happenings in their choosen domain. Team building and personality development exercises also are a contributory initiative by the alumni.

The peer group is another great value-add at the school. With the college being ranked second (the first is JBIMS) in preference in the Maharashtra CET, it gets the best from the top 200 candidates of the 1.1 lakh students who take the test. Placements in general are above average, though some students feel, the diversity of profiles could do with substantial improvement. The institute claims that reserved category students often outperform those in the general.

Guest lectures are conducted by a galaxy of visiting faculty. With five out of eight faculty members on the rolls being freshers, the institute banks on visiting faculty. This results in a good teaching programme but little focus on research, consulting and MDPs. These are domains the institute could focus on in the future.

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