All About News Reporting and Writing

News Reporting and Writing is one of the fundamental courses offered under Mass Communication. For a journalist who caters to the media industry, news reporting and writing are basic foundations. The curriculum of this course focuses on improving basic writing skills among students, including the framing of a strong introduction to reflect the inverted pyramid structure of a story and incorporating accurate information. Students are also taught to maintain spelling and grammatical sanctity, write crisp sentences and paragraphs and add appropriate quotations of the stakeholders. News reporting is the first phase of presenting the news to its audience. Reporters are mainly required to visit the event/news spot to accumulate information, quotes and photographs. The next stage is to write and publish the news report by fulfilling the stated criteria. Apart from possessing strong language skills, journalists and news reporters are also required to work at a fast pace in order to reach their audience in the earliest possible time. While reporters are still afforded specific deadlines when it comes to the print medium, in the wake of new media such as online news portals, speed is key. After completing a course in News Reporting and Writing, students can seek career opportunities in newspapers, magazines and online news portals among others.

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